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1020 Hastings Street

Traverse City, MI 49686


Home of the Titans!

Traverse City West Football

Jeremy Howe - Quarterbacks

Mike Hayes - Offensive Line

Tim Wooer - Head Coach

Jason Morrow - Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Backfield

Greg Vaughan - Offensive Line/Special Teams

  • Sail4:18
  • Save The World6:50
  • Track 123:52
  • Track 112:07
  • Track 104:39
  • Track 83:50
  • In The End3:48
  • Don't Worry Child3:58
  • Track 43:31
  • Antidote2:53
  • The Drift3:27
  • Track 24:00
  • Track 12:31
  • Sunburn4:23
  • Lord of the Boards3:45
  • I Got One For Ya3:45
  • Beam Me Up3:25
  • Demons2:59
  • Track 36:53

Kelly Smith - Special Teams Coordinator / Linebackers

Ryan Pffeferle - Defensive Line/Special Teams

Titan Alumni Meet on the Field

Pictured left to Right, Derek Diver, Trevor Wilnow, Zack Skeels, Jordan Strope and Isiaha Hackney

Darren Frechette - Wide Receivers

What are the Titans Listening to in the Locker Room?

The audio player below has a selection of music the Titans are listening to in the Locker Room, Weight Room and in warm ups. Click on it for a listen.

Terry Thompson - Defensive Line

Coaching Staff

Zero Hour

Zero Hour is a class offered to athletes the fourth quarter of the year from 6:45 am to 7;45 am school mornings. Athletes get credit for this class and it gives them more flexibility in their schedule for core classes. The class consists of speed and strength training as well as sport skill development.

Summer Strength and Speed Training

Summer strength and speed training is integral to creating well rounded athletes. At TC West we take great pride in developing athletes for all of our athletic programs. Regardless of what sport you are involved with at West, our staff takes great pride in helping to create the best athletes possible for our school. Programs focus on Glute and Hamstring strength critical to speed and power (jumping ability) as well as other auxilliary lifts not only to increase ability but to also decrease injuries.

Powerlifting Club

​Traverse City West will once again sponsor a powerlifting club. Powerlifting is a great opportunity for our athletes to compete in field of strength and power. We encourage all athletes to get involved. Sometimes in today's society we find that student-athletes are hesitant to compete. We want our athletes to step up to all challenges. For the "superstars" it is an opportunity to compete with superstar athletes from around the state and make the realization that only with continued hard work and focus will they achieve all-state or collegiate status. For those who are average, a touch behind or who lack confidence, it is can build confidence and be a great motivator. The club also builds team chemistry in the off season. Powerlifting divides athletes into weight classes, much like wrestling, and has a Varsity and Junior Varsity division. Athletes will only compete against athletes their own size and age. Athletes compete in three lifts, squat, bench and dead lift. The TC West club will be participating in two tournaments in 2015. The February qualifying meet at TCW High School and the State meet in March.

Father Son Game and BBQ

Every year upon their return from pre-season camp the Titan players challenge their fathers and alumni to a game  at Thirlby Field. The players finally squeeked out a win this year but are behind in the series with only 2 wins in 6 years.

Community Outreach Programs

- Christmas Toy Blitz

     Players and families make contributions and/or adopt  a family for the holiday season. Players dress up in Santa hats and game jerseys and deliver gift to families in need in our area.


     Athletes play a key role in setting up and volunteering time at one of the largest community events in Northern Michigan.

- Youth Programs

     Our players are asked to "give back" to  our younger programs in the form of working summer camps, youth night and Saturday flag football experiences for youth grades 2-5.

- Spring Clean Up

Our program helps area families in need during the springtime of the year with yard work, stacking wood etc. 

Tim's Titan Tid-Bits


Information about the Titan Football program, including updates on alumni, offers for current titans and more!


Parents - learn more about your athlete's position responsibilities!I would like to invite all parents and players to watch HUDL. Each player should have a HUDL password and opportunity to watch multiple games, Varsity, JV and Freshman. Coaches input notes and schemes for viewers. Not only does this help the players, (watching themselves or Varsity players) but it can also help parents have a vision of what we are trying to accomplish in all phases of the game. (Offense, Defense and Special Teams)

Alumni Updates

Zack Skeels (2010 Grad) - starting Fullback at Michigan Tech.

Jake Fisher (2011 Grad) - starting LT at Oregon University ranked #2 in the country.

Kevin Cronin (2012 Grad) - Kicker at Michigan State University

Isiaha Hackney (2012 Grad) - Backup QB at Michigan Tech.

​Jordan Strope (2012 Grad) - starting LT at Northern Michigan University.

Trevor Willnow (2012 Grad) - starting OL at Alma College.

Derek Diver (2013 Grad) - inside LB at Michigan Tech.

​Grant Ballino (2013 Grad) - Freshman at Albion College.

Geordan Carter (2014 Grad) - Freshman at Albion College.

Connor Hayes (2014 Grad)​ - Redshirt Freshman at Pitt.

Off Season Events